Program Monitoring

Continuous Improvement Made Easy

To ensure that programs run effectively, WSI builds in transparency and oversight from the start. Ongoing measurement provides many benefits to organizations responsible for government programs. By collecting and analyzing program data, managers can ensure that programs are meeting their objectives. If shortfalls are uncovered, PPA makes it easy for program administrators to quickly tune forms, workflows, and instructional content. Course correction improves the reach to targeted recipients, resulting in more efficient use of taxpayer funds, and faster achievement of your operating goals.

WSI automates civic program management and monitoring so you won’t need to divert resources from operational activities to gather this vital data.

Measure with Robust Analytics

WSI helps you ensure continuous program performance by not only enabling robust analytics, but first making sure you’re analyzing the right metrics. PPA includes a wide range of metrics. We’ll help you determine and publish the metrics that are important to your program, internal team members, program recipients, and the general public.

WSI offers reporting capabilities that allow you to meet compliance standards and provide transparency while eliminating errors and saving time.

  • Program-specific performance metrics
  • Compliance reports
  • Automatic report generation and delivery
  • Import existing data for analysis
  • Customizable report formats that are print–ready

Automate Civic Program Management Ongoing Compliance

Civic program management requires ongoing interaction and communication with recipients to achieve maximum results. WSI helps you automate these processes to ensure continuous compliance.

You can automate recurring notifications to inform recipients of ongoing obligations, such as submitting quarterly performance reports. Continuously monitor, track and notify recipients for long-term, sustained progress.

Sustained Performance Through Education

Ongoing communication with recipients improves outcomes. For example, you may want to share accounting training videos with small business owners, and ensure they are watching as a requirement for receiving continued grants.

WSI brings efficiency to this process as well by enabling you to easily deliver educational programs. PPA helps you achieve high program success rates by keeping users constantly informed and educated.

Program Measurement and Analytics

Benchmarking is key for quality assurance and supports a cycle of continuous improvement. With the data to back up loan and grant disbursements, for example, you can determine opportunities for expanding a program and making greater impacts.

Greater insight into the entire review process enables managers to identify bottlenecks and reallocate resources as necessary. These insights help organizations refine their approach to license, permit, or grant applications and to build on successes.

BriteProgram ensures you’ll have fast access to the most critical data insights for government programs, including:

  • Sign-up and participation rates
  • Application review performance
  • Grant awards acceptance and rejection rates
  • Demographic data to understand who is applying
  • Application decision times