Program Setup

Launch Faster and Manage Easier

BriteProgram lets government leaders quickly launch an online solution that spans the application, decision review, recurring tasks, and reporting aspects of grant and compliance programs.  BriteProgram helps Federal, State, and Local agencies effectively measure, organize, and launch programs, then continuously manage and improve them without the hassle.

Integrating Historical Data

BriteProgram gives you the power to harness historical data to make better decisions today and show improvements over previous years. Efficient program data collection and analytics are vital to improving outcomes for nearly every aspect of business and civilian life, from education, healthcare, and business to construction and the environment. BriteProgram’s provides government leaders with the ability to integrate existing data related to program members, awards and operations so you don’t miss a beat and maintain compliance.

BriteProgram ensures you can effectively measure program performance and quantify ongoing improvements. It provides your agency with a solid foundation for the future, while maintaining the context of the past through robust data integration with existing applications and databases.

Multi-Level Administration

To make programs run, team members have a variety of responsibilities at all stages of your programs. These roles must clearly map to specific tasks that belong to the program. BriteProgram enables multi-level administration with the following capabilities:

  • Assign access rights based on multi-level and multi-regional programs
  • Assign access based on user roles and responsibilities, such as reviewer and approver
  • Import existing users and program data for a smooth transition

Web Content Management for Program Information

Your permit issuance and grantmaking practices are a public expression of your organizational values. For example, consider how fund-seekers perceive the process of filling out application forms. In addition to automating back-end administration, BriteProgram ensures that you are inviting to people, enabling you to communicate effectively.

BriteProgram enables you to manage and structure both static and dynamic web content in multiple languages, and provide remote access. Inform your target audience with user-friendly access to content such as program information, training content, and videos.



Even the most perfectly designed program will generate helpdesk calls. BriteProgram helpdesk and support services provide you with flexible, efficient options to achieve your program initiatives.  Our technical and end user support staff are respectful, knowledgeable professionals that are ready to assist your internal staff as well as your external constituents and users.