Easing Government Compliance Tracking

From healthcare providers and restaurant inspections to OSHA and OFCCP, workers in every industry must comply with a wide variety of government and industry requirements. Both maintaining compliance and reporting on those actions involve gathering data from a variety of sources. It’s all a lot of work, and only made more difficult by staffing limitations.

Gather and Report on Data

Agencies often need to collect data from citizens, businesses or program participants. Secure and easy data collection solutions are vital in gathering data for compliance, improvement, and ongoing management reporting.

BriteProgram solves and expedites many of these common challenges. With the application’s prebuilt web forms, you can quickly and easily collect the data and insights necessary to make better and faster decisions. BriteProgram delivers the following capabilities:

  • Self-service user registration and profile creation
  • Customizable online dashboards or scheduled email reports
  • Integrate data from multiple sources to increase context and insight
  • Email and text alerts to remind users to provide data

Vetting Applicants and Certifications

To remain in compliance with program or grant objectives, organizations must often vet application and certification data, for example, conducting background checks for a business permit. Such vetting typically involves referencing multiple, disparate systems. With its intelligent forms and data integration capabilities, BriteProgram can:

  • Automate login to third party systems within the enterprise or tap out and connect to external applications
  • Securely transmit user information for automatic querying of pertinent info
  • Further automate the process by building in validation logic into the integrations
  • Automatically notify staff of any red flags detected

Meeting 8(a) Set-Aside Goals

Government Small Business (SB) Specialists are tasked with ensuring the agency directs a portion of spend to small and disadvantaged businesses in order to meet established goals. Gaining complete visibility of those 8(a) set-aside goals is often challenging, involving collecting all necessary data from across the agency to regularly generating status reports. BriteProgram helps you meet set-aside goals by:

  • Simplifying tracking and reporting for procurement actions
  • Automating recurring procurement reporting tasks with scheduled alerts and data collection forms
  • Secure cloud solution that deploys in days

WSI Success Story: Participant Tracking System

WSI developed and maintained a participant tracking system for The U.S. DOL GATE project. Among other responsibilities, WSI created an automated system to synchronize the participant database between a public data collection site and internal databases. WSI’s work resulted in secure data collection, monitoring, backup, and storage of program data. Automated database synchronization eliminates manual data entry errors and enables effective participant data management. Maintaining up-to-date contact information enables timely communication of program information with participants.