Coordinate Community Outreach & Volunteer Efforts

Organizations benefit from performing charitable work, which can serve as team building exercises and improve the employer brand. Corporate social responsibility is an increasingly important metric evaluated by both employees and customers. In organizing community outreach, HR pros must manage numerous moving tasks including:

  • Solicit and tally feedback from employees regarding charity selection
  • Inform employees of options for volunteer hours
  • Enable employees to sign-up easily
  • Coordinate events with charitable organizations
  • Record hours contributed by employees
  • Communicate with the public about charitable activities

Gather Input and Encourage Participation

Many organizations seek feedback from employees regarding which charities to support. You may want to select a few charities for your organization to support by conducting a formal survey of your workforce.
Most employees are eager to give back to the local community, and simply need to know what steps to take in order to participate. HR managers must ensure employees are aware of their options and know what steps to take to sign-up.
BriteProgram solves and expedites many of these common challenges. With the application’s prebuilt data connectors and web forms, you can quickly and easily set up online forms to enable employees to sign-up and follow through on giving or volunteer initiatives. BriteProgram delivers the following capabilities:

  • Leverage templates to quickly setup a program, create tasks and assign roles
  • Allow administrators to quickly tailor survey or sign-up forms
  • Integration with core HRIS and performance management applications
  • Built-in support for informational web pages and mass communications
  • Full or self-service web content development and updates

Track and Communicate Charitable Activities

The ability to dedicate working hours to volunteering is an attractive benefit for many employees. Some employers allow teams to take time out of the office to volunteer together, enabling their efforts to also serve as a team building exercise. Finally, charitable donations are also tax-deductible. HR professionals must ensure all these data points are tracked and reported.

  • BriteProgram enables you to gain quick insights into all aspects of your community outreach programs with functionality such as:
  • Customizable dashboards and print-ready reports
  • Define recurring tasks that BriteProgram will automatically track to ensure completion
  • Content management features for posting information to participants

WSI Success Case

The U.S. DOL, Employment and Training Administration (ETA) project sought to increase access to basic and vocational education for children employed in agriculture. WSI developed and maintained a bilingual, easy-to-use data collection and reporting system in English and Turkish. WSI was also responsible for the day-to-day operations, system monitoring, data backup, and security.