Launch Your Program in a Day

Surveys, Forms, & Online Applications:
Prebuilt data connectors and web forms support fast and easy data collection through online applications, compliance data submissions, and user surveys.

Program Content Publishing:
BriteProgram enables secure access to publishing program content on the web so public or registered users have easy access to vital information. Supported content includes general program information, training videos, and initial or ongoing compliance forms.

User Profile Creation & Role-Based Administration:
Secure user profile creation & data submission couple with multiple internal staff roles for scalable administrative and member support processes.

Automate Work Processes

Workflow Management & Task Notifications:
BriteProgram helps your team achieve timely review and decisions with greater accountability throughout all key program steps. Audit trails, alerts and auto-generated meeting agendas ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Data & Application Integration:
BriteProgram’s data integration engine sends any user and program applicant data straight to your existing on-premises or cloud applications.  Process quality and efficiency goes up because time-consuming data entry work shrinks and mistakes are eliminated.  Rapid import of legacy program data makes initial implementations a breeze.

Metrics & Reports:
Discover bottlenecks and gain quick insights into all critical aspects of program adoption, program disbursements, program compliance, and program efficiency. Meet compliance requirements and provide transparency through customizable and print-ready reports.

Ready to Make Your Program Shine Brighter


  • Small business certification and grants
  • Restaurant & liquor licenses
  • License & permit applications
  • Microenterprise & start-ups
  • SDB/8a Set aside goal tracking


  • School laptop distribution
  • School forms automation
  • Continuing training & education
  • Job training & assistance programs
  • Employee/volunteer certification


  • Corporate wellness programs
  • Consumer affairs cases
  • Restitution & child support compliance
  • FISMA, IT & security compliance
  • DOCR work release programs

Nurture Success, Stay in Compliance

Recurring Activities Calendar:
Equip your staff with a powerful tool for ensuring that recurring compliance tasks are completed on time through reminders and easy web interactions.  BriteProgram allows you to customize task scheduling, notification, and completion methods to ensure hassle-free compliance.

Continuous Training & Engagement:
BriteProgram allows you to publish training resources, networking events, and eligibility forms to ensure the ongoing success of your program and its members.  Built-in completion tracking features put you a few clicks away from engagement and success metrics.

Gain Confidence with a Dependable Partner

Security and Compliance:
BriteProgram software and WSI’s technical operations team stands with you to protect your program data.  BriteProgram meets or exceeds federal, state, and local IT compliance standards for secure access, information privacy, and encrypted data storage and transport of program data.

Flexible Solution Deployment Options:
BriteProgram securely deploys on-premises within your data center, on secure cloud infrastructure from companies like Amazon, or hybrid combinations that meet your specific needs.

IT Services and Helpdesk Support:
Washington Software provides a range of services including hosting and operations, continuous monitoring, customized training, helpdesk services and live phone interviews when collecting data through web forms is not possible.