• July 26, 2018

    Hunting alligators. Serving beer. Renting bouncy houses. What do they have in common?

    Maybe they could make up a fun weekend, but the element of commonality we’re addressing here is that you must have a permit to do them all. Most small businesses need a combination of licenses and permits from both local and state agencies, with varying requirements and fees.

    Ohio provides a comprehensive, user-friendly system at eLicense.ohio.gov, which enables users to apply for an individual or business license, as well as look up existing licenses or file a complaint. Even zoomed out, the below screen shot can’t show all of the potential licenses just for the letter A. From Asbestos Abatement to X-Ray Equipment, Chiropractors to Speech-Language Pathologists, there are many licenses state governments need to issue.

    Online License Renewal, Online License Generation

    In Georgia, the deadline for renewing professional licenses with the secretary of state’s office is June 30, 2018. There are more than 39,570 individuals and businesses in seven license groups that are up for renewal. Secretary of State Brian Kemp said, “I encourage all the men and women licensed by our office to renew their licenses using our online renewal process as soon as possible. It has never been easier, and we are processing renewals at record speed.” Once a license holder has submitted payment and verified the renewal, they can print the receipt and professional license.

    State Licenses – A Job Deterrent?

    Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf wants to stop requiring licenses for 13 jobs, including barbers. “Unnecessary and burdensome licensing requirements create barriers to employment” tweeted Governor Wolf. Many of the jobs would still require passing an exam and obtaining certification.

    The Hassles of Automating License Generation

    In Kansas, controversy is much more intense. “Information technology staff in the Kansas Department of Revenue warned their boss in a private meeting that promises by agency officials to unveil in early January the long-delayed computer system for issuing driver’s licenses were ludicrous and certain to result in public humiliation,” wrote Tim Carpenter in The Garden City Telegram. Millions of dollars have been spent, but the new license program is still on the shelf, six months after the stated launch date.

    There’s no doubt that complex automation systems, with numerous components, have tremendous potential for disaster. Like designing and constructing a skyscraper, if the project isn’t lead and staffed by experienced, trained professionals, the outcome can be horrific.

    Key Elements of Permit & Licensing Processes

    So how do government agencies avoid the catastrophic failure that Kansas’ driver’s licenses system seems to be headed for? Watch for a follow up post where we’ll outline the key elements of success.

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