• February 27, 2018

    Software can automate processes from financial calculations to scheduling, saving time and increasing effectiveness – but only if implemented well. Government programs need software that’s inclusive and can be easily accessed by citizens, not just developers. Additionally, it must be cost-effective in order to scale and empower every staff member that could benefit from access.

    Hiring and training is one area where government needs better solutions. Technology to automate hiring must meet a variety of requirements so that processes are executed according to protocol. We understand that government organizations have strict processes in handling recruitment, so you can ensure you’ve given all applicants a fair shot.

    Job Application and Hiring Compliance

    Like all government programs, hiring staff has many moving parts. After acquiring budget for additional headcount, and writing the job description and requirements, you must start gathering applicants. Jobs should be posted online and supported by a process that’s user-friendly for people to apply. Continuing to help applicants stay successful through the ongoing process ensures the largest possible pool of qualified candidates.

    User-Friendly Forms Ease the Application Process

    You need technology that features data connectors, ideally prebuilt, and web forms to support fast and easy data collection through online applications. Each job posting will require gathering different data, so you need flexible forms that enable you to post each opening and start receiving applications in an expeditious manner. The data you’ve gathered must connect to systems which continue to help your organization with the subsequent steps in the process.

    Ongoing Training and Certification

    Once you’ve filled open positions with the ideal candidates, the work continues. Many jobs, from registered nurses and fitness instructors to cybersecurity experts, require continuing education in order to stay certified. Your software apps should continue to automate key workforce efforts, such as conducting performance evaluations, and ensuring employees complete necessary training programs and maintain required certifications.

    Like the earlier stages of recruiting and hiring, this requires ongoing, meticulous effort. Technology should help you easily keep track and stay on top of it all. This includes publishing content on the web so public or registered users have easy access to vital information, such as ongoing compliance forms.

    Visibility and Reporting

    Look for technology with robust workflow management and task notifications throughout all key hiring process steps. Audit trails, alerts, and auto-generated meeting agendas can ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

    Comprehensive reports should enable you to discover bottlenecks and gain quick insights into all critical aspects of recruitment, hiring, and retention. Sample key metrics include:

    • Hiring time
    • Applicant quality
    • Employee performance
    • Specialized certification and licensure

    Customizable and print-ready reports can help you meet compliance requirements and provide transparency.

    Do you have government hiring processes you need to automate? Contact us and we’ll walk you through how BriteProgram can meet those needs.