• February 15, 2018

    Fulfilling the duties of a Government Program Manager requires wearing many hats.

    Government programs, such as issuing business permits and liquor licenses, have many moving parts. For example, to manage small business loans, Government Program Managers must enable potential recipients to apply, and then must receive, review, and respond to applications.

    Once loans are issued, a new host of tasks begins in overseeing the distribution of funds, policy outreach to businesses, and analyzing outcomes. It’s also crucial that contact with recipients be maintained to enable ongoing communications for various reasons, such as ensuring they remain eligible for program assistance.

    And these tasks all fall on your shoulders.

    Health and Wellness and the Great Outdoors

    The nearby city of Baltimore is currently recruiting for a Health and Wellness Program Manager. In addition to strong computer and communication skills and the ability to utilize spreadsheets and write reports, candidates must be able to effectively manage staff and delegate responsibilities. And all this while remaining current on industry advances, including new theories in health care trends.

    A Government Program Manager in Colorado recently commented on the challenges of managing an excess of applications. Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) awards proceeds from Colorado’s lottery to projects which preserve or enhance Colorado’s parks, trails, wildlife areas, rivers, and open space. Since its creation, GOCO has committed over $1.1 billion to more than 5,000 projects. “Jake Houston, local government program manager for GOCO, said the agency fields about 70 to 90 grant requests each year. With limited resources, they can only approve a fraction of the requests.”

    Artist’s rendering shows the playground feature at River Park in Breckenridge, Colorado.

    BriteProgram for Faster, Easier Government Programs

    Technology has the power to automate tedious processes, and streamline and expedite operations, resulting in reduced workloads for many staff members. Online applications provide many benefits to applicants, as well as government program managers. Applicants can more easily access online forms from various devices. And user-friendly, intuitive forms result in an easier experience.

    But these benefits result only when the technology is implemented properly.

    You need a team that understands your unique challenges and the complexity (and drudgery) of your workload. And that’s why WSI built BriteProgram, our robust suite of program performance analytics tools, designed specifically for government programs.

    Lightening the Load for Government Program Managers

    We know it’s a lot of work, especially when struggling with limitations in the size of your staff. And that’s precisely what we have in mind when designing comprehensive systems for government programs.

    One WSI success case includes The U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration (ETA) Growing America Through Entrepreneurship (GATE), a project that investigates the impacts of providing microenterprise start-up services to interested individuals. WSI developed and maintained a participant tracking system, and took responsibility for day-to-day operations, system monitoring, data backup, and security. WSI’s systems automated database synchronization, eliminating manual data entry errors and enabling effective participant data management.

    Do you need to launch an online solution to accept and review applications, automate recurring tasks, and report on programs? Contact us and let’s talk about how BriteProgram can help lighten your load.