Video Information Processing


Videos Privacy Protection

While surveillance cameras are indispensible tools for protecting personnel and critical infrastructure, there are growing concerns about their invasions of personal privacy. This is of particular importance to healthcare industries, educational institutions, law firms, and other enterprises where clients expect that their privacy will protected.

     We offer integrated privacy protection solutions in a wide variety of video applications, including surveillance, teleconferencing, session recordings, and interviews in which images and audio of selected individuals are automatically tracked and redacted. Our system offers many levels of customizable privacy protection for different applications and depending on client needs.


Real-time Video Piracy Detection

With the widespread availability of video hosting sites and easy-to-use recording software, piracy of copyrighted video content has increased at an alarming rate. It causes a significant loss of revenue and it is necessary to track down the perpetrators. Our system can scour the Internet to look for contents that resemble any part of the target videos and provide clear evidence of any improper use of the copyrighted contents as provided by our client.


Intelligent Video Surveillance System

The advent of intelligent video surveillance systems turns the once-tedious task of surveillance monitoring to fully automated detection of people and events of interest. Complex surveillance systems for large enterprises are difficult to set up, and must balance security functions, construction layouts, network resources and privacy. Our software can help design the appropriate camera networks for your applications, plus customized detection and archival tools for managing the surveillance video data.