IBM Security AppScan

IBM Application Scanner (AppScan) was developed to assist in detecting vulnerabilities that companies with Web applications may have. Such vulnerabilities can lead to cyber-related threats and could have damaging effects to a company's credibility. IBM AppScan prevents these vulnerabilities, to both new and existing applications, by providing mechanisms to its users to periodically test against known vulnerabilities.


There are several version of IBM AppScan:

  • IBM AppScan Standard Edition - is an industry-leading Web Application security testing tool that scans and tests for all the common web application vulnerabilities.
  • IBM AppScan Source Edition - integrates security testing into the software development cycle while helping security and development teams strengthen application security, protect confidential data and improve compliance.
  • IBM AppScan Enterprise Edition - enables organizations to facilitate communication and collaboration between information security, development, and management.
  • IBM AppScan Tester Edition - integrates security alongside quality testing for improved web application development.