• National Call Center Data Warehouse and Reporting System


    The U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration (ETA) project conducts more than 75,000 telephone surveys each year with former Job Corps enrollees and graduates to assess their satisfaction with the program and to collect data on their post-program employment and educational outcomes. The Office of Job Corps uses the data collected from the survey to measure program outcomes at a national level and to assess Job Corps Centers’ effectiveness.


    Washington Software was responsible for the migration of the call center system location from the corporate server room to the Department of Labor’s data center in Maine. WSI also created call center monitoring and scheduling software that allows call center supervisors to record interviewers’ performance, as well as a data warehouse reporting system with summary reports to compare and evaluate the performance of different interviewers.


    Efficient call center performance facilitates assessment of high numbers of Job Corps enrollees and graduates each year. Call center monitoring and scheduling software ensures that interviewers’ performance levels meet program standards. Summary reports enable management to compare and evaluate performance.


    C#, .NET, Windows 2008, application security, IIS, SQL Server, SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS)