• Nationwide Data Collection and Analysis for Counseling Usage Patterns


    The goal of this U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development project was to collect data on counselors and counseling clients at HUD-approved housing counseling agencies to identify patterns of the characteristics of clients who seek counseling, characteristics of the counseling at the agencies, housing-related outcomes following counseling, and the elements of successful counseling interventions. In this project twenty-nine counseling agencies were selected for this study using sampling scheme that results in a nationally representative sample of agencies.


    The prime contractor requested a web-based data collection system for counselors and project staff to capture data on baseline characteristics of clients, counseling services provided to clients, and clients’ housing outcomes. WSI provided full software life cycle development services including requirements gathering, design, development, operations, system monitoring, security, and technical helpdesk support.


    The WSI-designed data collection system provides counselors and project staff with a web-based method to collect information about counseling clients. WSI’s full software life cycle services ensure that appropriate expertise and assistance is available at all phases of the project. Program data is protected through system monitoring and security, while helpdesk support provides efficient resolution of technical issues.


    Java/JSP, Linux, Apache Tomcat, Oracle, JavaScript