• Web-Based Data Collection Forms and Analytics for Medicare Compliance


    Provide technical expertise to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services prime contractor IMPAQ International. IMPAQ is responsible for research surveys for CMS such as Development of Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan Monitoring Methods, CMS Compliant Surveys, CMS Development of Performance Metrics, Financial Sector Information Portal project, NBIC Data Collection Tool, National Balancing Indicators, and Development of Medicare Part C and Part D Monitoring Methods.


    Washington Software was responsible for collecting the business rules, designing prototypes, programming the surveys, creating reports, exporting data, user management, and technical support. WSI created an easy-to-modify, web-based survey framework for the project. The data collection systems have unique features such as automatic password generation, user account creation notification, multiple organizations, access control, and multi-page surveys with skip patterns.


    Web-based surveys provide ease of use for data collections, convenient options for tracking, querying, and backing up data, and the ability to modify surveys as needed. Systems with automated features and multi-level administration allow different access rights for various organizations and meet compliance standards.


    C#, .NET, SQL Server, SQL Server Reporting Service, and IIS